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Thank you for your interest in Cochrane Anaesthesia and/or Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care. Please complete this form to indicate your interest in contributing to our Group’s activities. If you have any questions, please contact Vernon Hedge (Managing Editor).  The form begins below the following description of roles and confidentiality. 

Description of roles:

Authors are responsible for planning and writing systematic reviews, usually working in small teams. We require that each team is made up of a content specialist, methodologist and statistician
External peer referee 
An external peer referee comments on a draft of the protocol or full review during the peer review process. All CARG protocols and reviews are commented on by two experts in a relevant field and a consumer.
A consumer is a healthcare user or the relative or carer of someone with an interest in the clinical area or who advocates on behalf of other consumers. Consumers often participate as external peer reviewers although they may carry out any of the other roles as well.
We are always grateful for offers from experienced statisticians to join our team of statistical advisers.
Providing details of ongoing trials
This involves providing details of trials that have not yet been published of which you might be aware or are involved in.
Handsearching involves systematically searching through journals or conference proceedings for reports of trials relevant to our scope for inclusion in our Group’s Specialized Register. Journals that will be hand searched are registered with the Collaboration in advance.
Translators are normally asked to translate the titles of articles published in a language other than English and/or assess whether they contain information that might be relevant to a particular review. In some cases, they are also asked to translate specific sections of the article or extract data. It is rare for the complete text to be translated.


Where will my contact details be kept?
Your contact details may be stored locally by the relevant review group(s), or added to The Cochrane Collaboration’s central database.
Who will have access to my details?
Details stored locally will only be accessed by Cochrane staff. Details stored in the central database are only accessible to people with a user account. Cochrane staff, editors and authors of Cochrane reviews may have user accounts and may be able to access your details. You can choose to hide certain contact details, such as your address, email, and phone numbers. All registered users must agree to the terms of use for the system. If users violate the terms of use, their rights may be revoked. The Cochrane Collaboration will not share your contact details with any other organization.
Does Cochrane comply with privacy legislation?
Data protection regulations vary internationally but share some common principles. By adhering to the fundamental principles (such as treating details responsibly, having full transparency for those registered, and perhaps including informed consent), The Cochrane Collaboration is likely to be compliant with regulations everywhere. The Cochrane Collaboration is registered with the UK Data Protection Register.

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