A new open access journal for Cochrane

Cochrane’s first open-access journal, Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods, has opened for submissions! Working in conjunction with our publisher, Wiley, this journal strengthens Cochrane’s ability to meet our stakeholders’ needs and publish different types of evidence synthesis beyond systematic reviews. It will also include methods research evaluating how evidence syntheses is planned, produced and disseminated, and research articles on critical areas for evidence synthesis, such as, priority setting, consumer involvement, and research integrity.  

Cochrane has over 100,000 members and contributors across an established global network who publish their systematic reviews in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. This new journal opens up opportunities for these members, and researchers new to Cochrane, to publish research outputs that go beyond Cochrane systematic reviews, which reflects the interests, talents and expertise of this global network and beyond. The journal aims to further develop the evidence base for how we produce and publish evidence synthesis, share best practice, case studies and commentaries.  

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