Our Annual Report 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Cochrane Annual Report for Emergency and Critical Care and Anaesthesia. In this report, we are delighted to share with you a comprehensive overview of the significant achievements, and impactful contributions made by our Review Groups (CRGs) in the past year. Our commitment to enhancing patient outcomes in emergency situations, critical care settings, and anaesthesia practices remains unwavering. Through rigorous systematic reviews, evidence synthesis, and outreach initiatives, we continue to shape the landscape of evidence-based practice in these vital areas of healthcare.

This report serves as a testament to our collective efforts, highlighting key milestones, collaborations, and the tangible difference our work has made in improving patient care.

We would like to thank the Danish Government and Capital Health Region for their generous contribution in funding. This funding was matched many times over by the unpaid, voluntary contributions of our editors, authors and peer reviewers worldwide.

We are grateful to our editors, authors, peer reviewers and consumers, as well as Cochrane Central Editorial Service who have contributed to the progress of our work.

Together, we are driving positive change and ensuring the highest standards of care for patients worldwide.

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