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Welcome to the Cochrane Anaesthesia Review Group (CARG)

We are part of the 
Cochrane Collaboration which is an international not-for-profit independent organization, dedicated to making up-to date, accurate information about the effects of healthcare readily available worldwide. 

We produce and disseminate systematic reviews of healthcare interventions in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine, prehospital medicine and resuscitation.

We would welcome your help and participation through writing reviews; peer reviewing, hand searching journals or translating articles. Please contact us if you wish to contribute in anyway to the work of CARG.

Please read our latest  Annual Report 2013


Interested in updating a CARG review?

We have a number of reviews that need updating. Please contact Jane Cracknell if you would be interested in updating a review for CARG. Please be aware that CARG requires that each review team consists of a content specialist, methodologist and a statistician, and that at least one author should have prior experience of performing systematic reviews or meta-analysis. Please also be aware because English is the common language within the Cochrane Collaboration, we require that at least one author be proficient in written English. This person should be responsible for writing the protocol and review. If no author is proficient in written English, then we may well help you find a co-author with appropriate language competence.  

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